The community is my #1 priority.

Passion is the biggest driving force behind my work ethic.

Areas of Focus

Event Organization

Provide you with the best value and knowledge found in the industry to elevate your events to the next level.

Community Management

Help you manage and lead your community with years of international expertise and experience.

Digital Media

Design professional quality media for any purpose, whether it’d be for your personal brand or company.

Tournament History

A small snippet containing some of the most prestigious events I have been involved with:


“Cyrus is just a breath of fresh air to work with. Any circumstances that normally would hinder an individual, simply do not hinder him. He’s got a great work ethic, attitude, and demeanor about him that inspires a whole team. Within our world of production and esports, he takes initiative like no other. I highly recommend him. You would be at odds not to consider him.”

Diamond Overstreet, Co-Founder of Duo Studios

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